The general strong advice is to ask the guest to make any necessary modification or cancellation of a booking from the channel’s public booking page. This ensures correct availability, limits the risk of overbookings and means bookings display the same information on the channel and in Sirvoy.

However, if you do choose to modify or cancel a channel booking in Sirvoy only, please bear in mind the following:

  • The booking on the channel will not be updated accordingly.
  • If a booking is first cancelled in Sirvoy and later cancelled on the channel, it’s expected to see availability issues and possible overbookings as a result.

If the channel allows the hotel to modify or cancel bookings on the channel’s extranet, this will generally cause the booking to also be automatically modified or cancelled in Sirvoy, and therefore will cause no issues. See exceptions below.

Note: Expedia offers the possibility for hotels to mark bookings as cancelled on Expedia Partner Central. You can choose to use this feature. However – you must in that case manually cancel the booking in Sirvoy, since Expedia will not send an update of the booking to Sirvoy.
Note: Unlike other channels, iCal channels will generally not send modifications of bookings to Sirvoy. The only exception is date modifications, these do in fact trigger an update to Sirvoy. All other modifications must be handled manually.