Airbnb doesn’t support the “Flexible Pricing” model available in Sirvoy, which allows you to increase the price of units depending on the number of guests. However, there is a way to use Airbnb’s “Extra Guests” feature to provide flexible pricing in another way. 

This workaround allows Airbnb to increase the listing price by a set amount per guest. 

Note: This article includes information about third-party systems, which may change.

Note: Both Sirvoy and Airbnb have a setting called “Number of Guests.” Though the names are identical, the functions are different. Be mindful of which site’s setting is being discussed in each step of the instructions.

Setting up the Flexible Airbnb Pricing Workaround

To utilize this workaround, set up an “Extra guest fee” for the Airbnb listing.

Note: The “Extra Guest Fee” option in an Airbnb listing can only be adjusted if the listing is not mapped to Sirvoy. If necessary, temporarily unmap the property before following this guide and then remap the listing after “Set up an Airbnb ‘Extra Guest Fee’ step 5.

To unmap an Airbnb listing:

  1. In Sirvoy, go to Settings -> Channels
  2. Find Airbnb and click the adjacent “Edit”
  3. Find the room type/listing you wish to unmap and set its dropdown menu to “Select Here”
  4. Click “Save”

Setting Up an Airbnb “Extra Guest Fee”

  1. In Airbnb, go to Menu -> Listings and click on the listing you want to edit.
  2. Click on “Pricing and Availability” and scroll to the “Additional Charges” heading.
  3. In “Extra Guest Fee”, click “Edit.”
  4. In the “Charge this amount per extra guest, per night” field, enter the extra fee you want to charge.
  5. Set the number “For each guest after” to be identical to the matching Sirvoy Room Type’s “Number of Guests” setting.

Unifying Sirvoy and Airbnb Guest Settings 

To make use of this workaround, the “Max Number of Guests” setting in Sirvoy and the “Number of Guests” setting in Airbnb must be identical. 

In Sirvoy:

  1. Go to Settings -> Accommodations -> Room types.
  2. Find the Room Type connected to your Airbnb listing and click “Edit.”
  3. Under “Pricing” set the “Max Number of Guests” to the number you want.

In Airbnb:

  1. Go to Menu -> Listings and click on the listing you want to edit.
  2. In “Listing Details” scroll to the “Listing Basics” heading.
  3. Set the “Number of Guests” to match the “Max Number of Guests” number you selected in Sirvoy during step 8.

Note: If the “Max Number of Guests” in Sirvoy and “Number of Guests” in Airbnb don’t match, then Airbnb will not show the option for guests to book with higher occupancy than the amount set in Airbnb.