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What is Room Type Mapping?

Mapping means establishing which room types in Sirvoy correspond to the room types (and their rates) on the channel. It allows Sirvoy to:

  • Control unit availability on the channel.
  • Control the room type prices on the channel
  • Receive the channel bookings.

Mapping Room Types

  1. Go to Settings -> Channels.
  2. Click “Edit” under the channel you want to map.
  3. Choose the rate you want to map, expand its drop-down menu, and select the corresponding Sirvoy room type.
  4. Click “Save” to complete the mapping.

For most channels, the connection will activate immediately, but for Booking.com our support team will review the mapping before activating it.

From then on, Sirvoy will control rates, availability, and restrictions (with some important exceptions) for the channel. 

Note: At least one rate must be mapped to every room type. Additional rates can be easily managed by creating duplicate room types. If you choose not to map every rate, make sure the remaining rates inherit availability and restrictions from their parent room type on the channel.

Note: If a single channel room type has multiple different rates, each rate should be mapped to Sirvoy room types containing the same units. Otherwise, availability will not update correctly and overbookings are likely.