Google Hotel Ads allows you to have guests book directly through your own website, instead of via OTAs. Google will display your prices and link to your website from Google Search, Google Maps, etc. An important part of your marketing strategy on Google is to make sure that your property has a well updated profile on Google My Business, with pictures, descriptions, etc. The correct category also has to be registered for your property. Usually, only categories such as “hotel” or “resort” will ensure that a connection can be established. Please see this Google article on different categories.

  1. Go to Settings -> Channels -> Google Hotel Ads and click “Edit”.
  2. Select the bidding method you want to use, CPC or CPA. You may want to start with a low bid and raise the bid if your ads are not showing. A higher bid may be necessary if the same room rate is offered by other OTAs.
  3. Enter the URL for the page where you have installed the Sirvoy booking engine on your website, for example
  4. The ad costs will be deducted each month from your account balance in Sirvoy on behalf of Google (currency conversion may occur).

CPC (cost-per-click)

We recommend a minimum bid of $1-2. Please note that Google will charge your bid per click and per night.

CPA (pay-per-conversion)

Select the maximum percentage that you are willing to pay in commission. The ads will be automatically optimized, so please allow some time before evalutating the result or changing settings.

Google will only charge commission for completed bookings. However, commission will be charged even if the booking is cancelled later on. Therefore, when setting your commission percentage, make sure to take into account the average cancellation rate for your property. For example, if you have a cancellation rate of 10% and have selected to pay 8% commission, the actual ad cost for the completed stays (9 out of 10) would be 8.9%.

Note: Your room types and room type duplicates can be sold on this platform. However, any room types classified as “internal room type” in your settings will not be displayed.
Note: When you advertize with Google Ads through Sirvoy, costs are reported with a delay of a few days. To compensate for this, a guarantee amount ($60, €50 or equivalent amount in your account currency) will be reserved from your Sirvoy account balance. If you would inactivate Google Ads, the reserved amount will be released again.

When reviewing your account statement in Sirvoy you will see this reserved amount, as well as your actual spending on Google Ads for the current month. If the available balance drops below zero, your Google Ads will stop displaying and the account balance will be flagged as negative, until you refill your account balance as usual.