Room type categories can serve as a prerequisite for automatic emails. 

Example: Categories can denote different locations. A B&B that operates a nearby campground could send one email template to guests renting a room and a different template to campers.

  1. Go to Settings -> Communications -> Email Templates.
  2. Click “Add New Template” or click the pencil button adjacent to an existing template.
  3. Set it to “Send automatically” and choose the parameters (for example, “based on check-in date”).
  4. Under “If booked category matches”, select a category.
  5. Click “Save”.


  • Automatic emails based on categories only work for room types with a single category.
  • If no custom confirmation template is created, Sirvoy will use our default template. 
  • Bookings made on channels will receive confirmation emails from the channel, not Sirvoy. All other automatic templates apply to all bookings, regardless of source.