Adding a webhook or callback URL gives the hotel the possibility of receiving booking details in JSON format through a URL.

A webhook sends out a callback to a given URL and is triggered each time a booking is created, modified or canceled.

The webhook/callback feature is triggered from:

  • The Sirvoy Booking Engine
  • The Review booking form
  • Bookings managed by front desk under “New Bookings”
  • Sales Channel bookings

It can be activated in Settings -> Your account -> Callback URL.

The receiving server has to respond with HTTP code 200 (OK), otherwise the call will be retried every 30 minutes up to 10 times.

  • If you seem to get no incoming parameters, (or the equivalent depending on the programming language you use) this is the way to go:
    $jsonBooking = json_decode(file_get_contents(‘php://input’));
  • Callbacks are made as a HTTP POST via HTTPS.
  • To ensure that any sensitive data is kept encrypted end-to-end, only HTTPS endpoints may be used.

Below is an example of the JSON format:

      "address":"Storav\u00e4gen 18",
   "bookingSource":"Front desk",
         "RoomTypeName":"N typ2 ",