Codes for discounts can be applied at the time of booking, or be added to a booking after it has been created. Go to Settings -> Pricing -> Coupons and click “Create new code”.

You can offer four different types of discounts:

  • Overall percentage discount
  • Percentage discount for each product
  • Fixed discount for each product
  • Fixed replacement price for each product

The price change will only affect nights within the specified discount period.

Note: If a discount has been applied to only some of the booked dates, the discount total will be used to calculate an average nightly rate of all booked dates. But the actual discount will only be given for the booked dates that the booking shares with the dates of the coupon code.

If any extra is available and selected only for part of the booked dates, any set discount for it will only be applied to the booking if the dates of the extra are within the dates of the discount. If the extra is not date-based, the discount will always be applied to it, provided the discount code is valid for the booked dates of course.