Sirvoy had previously linked to Airbnb with a connection called iCal, but now uses a more robust REST API connection. 

When switching from the old connection type to the new one, if you have any active “import calendars” in Sirvoy, you’ll be advised to delete them. Until you do, any associated room types will be unavailable for mapping. 

Removing “import calendars” won’t delete any current bookings, but Sirvoy will no longer receive updates to them.

To delete Airbnb import calendars:

  1. Go to Settings -> Channels -> iCal.
  2. Look for units with “Booking Retrieval (Import).”
  3. If the URL links to Airbnb, click the trashcan icon to delete it.
  4. Repeat the above steps for any remaining Airbnb import calendars. 
  • With the iCal connection, Airbnb’s service fee was split between the host and the guest, but for REST API bookings Airbnb requires a host-only fee. It’s advisable to increase your rates by 15%, which will keep the price for your guests and your earnings relatively unchanged.
  • When you save your mappings with the new connection (step 6 in the subheading “Connect your Sirvoy and Airbnb Accounts”) Airbnb will automatically remove any “import calendars” on its side for the mapped listings.
  • The new REST API connection will change the “Request to Book” option to “Instant Book.”

With your import calendars deleted, you’re ready to connect Airbnb and Sirvoy using REST API.