Ronneby Brunnspark B&B’s Impressive Growth on a Budget with Help from Sirvoy

18 January 2024, 12:38 pm NZDT

Ronneby Brunnspark Bed and Breakfast, nestled in the heart of Blekinge County, Sweden has been called the Jewel of Ronneby by guests, and for good reason. Ten years ago, Pehr Andersson gave two turn-of-the-century villas new life as a B&B and hostel, offering comfortable stays overlooking the renowned Brunnspark Park. 

“I enjoy creating a welcoming and memorable environment, where every interaction becomes a part of someone’s journey. The ability to turn a simple stay into a cherished experience.”

 Pehr Andersson, Owner of Ronneby Brunnspark B&B

A short, scenic walk along the river leads guests to the heart of Ronneby, brimming with quaint shops, cultural offerings, and sports facilities. The packages offered through the B&B are the perfect way to get in on local attractions, like the Ronneby Golf Club and Restaurant Blekan. There’s something for everyone, whether their goal is tranquillity or adventure.

The B&B has seen a lot in its hundred-year history, but renovations keep it shining. Staying there is like stepping back in time (but with WiFi!). In its more recent history, Pehr has earned the B&B consistent growth year over year. But success wasn’t a given; scaling, budgeting, and training challenges had to be overcome for the business to become what it is today.

The Challenge – Growth and Training on a Budget

Pehr set out to grow his newfound business, but the property had only ever used pen and paper management systems–that wouldn’t be enough for the revamped and growing B&B. As more and more guests visited, a paper solution would only bog down front desk work and the guest experience. 

There were two hurdles Pehr faced searching for a hospitality management system. 

  1. Budget. “I started with zero money. I needed a solution that was price-worthy. Something that I could start on a budget, then scale up as needed.”
  2. Training. “I had previously used some challenging software. It was a very, very cumbersome and overstuffed system. You needed three months of training to learn it! But I have new staff all the time, especially in the summer, and I’ve only got about a week to train them.”

The Solution – Sirvoy’s User-Friendly Design and Scaling Price

Coming from a background in information technology and programming, Pehr said, “It was on my mind to develop my own system, but I’m glad I didn’t do that. I choose to use Sirvoy.” 

Sirvoy’s cloud-based hospitality management system met all the budding B&B’s needs.

  • Budget-friendly. “We began with a Sirvoy Starter account then we upgraded to Pro later. It definitely helped us make money and save money.”
  • One-day training. “I self-taught myself the system and now I train my staff. It usually takes a day, after that they’re ready for work.”
  • Excellent customer service. “The Sirvoy team’s responsiveness and attentiveness to our needs have been remarkable. Their support has been a crucial factor in our success.” 

Pehr’s favorite feature? “I like the calendar page, I use it daily and it’s the focus of my day. I use it to change bookings, move rooms or reservations, and I like the simplicity of making restrictions; it’s so easy.”

The Benefits – Impressive Growth

“Sirvoy has been instrumental in our growth journey. Its adaptability and scalability have allowed us to meet increasing demands seamlessly.” 

The proof is seen in his B&B’s impressive performance. 

  • Direct bookings doubled. Website bookings using Sirvoy’s commission-free booking engine have doubled since 2014. 
  • Revenue grew year-on-year. Revenue has grown consistently since 2018, even throughout the COVID-19 pandemic.

For anyone hoping to learn from Ronneby Brunnspark B&B’s success, Pehr gave three pieces of advice.

  1. “I encourage others to connect to Sirvoy.” 
  2. “Promote direct bookings, but still use booking channels–it’s worth the money.”
  3. “Most of all, provide the best service and make somewhere guests want to come back to–they will.”